You are eligible if you have a current active or inactive Florida Real Estate license.

Your Telephone Referrals Will Earn You Money! 
Referral fees received from cooperating brokers will go to John Joseph Wolfel Real Estate Broker, then the referral agent will receive 90% of this fee.

Don’t forget John Joseph Wolfel Real Estate Broker was created for people like you who have chosen not to pursue real estate as a full-time career, but can generate referrals through personal and business networking channels.

There are no local or national board memberships to join. It’s that simple!


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Activate your license with John Joseph Wolfel Real Estate Broker and put your telephone to work for you on a referral basis. Telephone your leads into John Joseph Wolfel Real Estate Broker , and earn a fee when your lead closes!

Help your family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and co-workers with the professional services they need and deserve! 

YOU CHOOSE THE BROKER you want to give your business to, or call John at John Joseph Wolfel Real Estate Broker and he passes your referral to other reputable agents to do the rest! 

YOUR REFERRALS CAN RESULT in earned referral fees without showing a home, attending a closing, incurring cost of active sales, or giving up your current occupation or leisure time!


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